Student Internships

Starting Fall 2018

High school student internships at the Salk Institute.

Testimonials by past LJHS interns at Salk:

"I would like to thank you for the opportunity to volunteer at the Salk StemCell Core. I’m writing to express my appreciation for the experience acquired during the three month internship. It was a great pleasure working with Ken, Aimee, and James, and it gave me great insight to what working in a lab and research environment is like. Thank you for making this opportunity possible. With your contribution I was able to passage stem cells, perform Myco tests, and learn how to restock in an efficient and timely manner. I look forward to coming back to Salk sometime during my four years at UCSD."

"I’m writing to express my appreciation for the incredible opportunity to intern in the stem cell lab at Salk Institute. I learned a lot from Ken, Aimee, and James about what it means to work in a lab and take part in research. With your help in coordinating this internship, I was able to work alongside lab professionals and gain skills in various lab techniques. I hope to stay in contact and work with the lab in the future."


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