La Jolla High School and
Salk Institute
Biosciences Partnership

Is introducing La Jolla High School students to hands-on bioscience research, financed through the LJHS Biosciences Center Fund.

LJHS Building 800 Science Classroom LJHS Building 700 Science Classroom
New Bioscience Labs for LJHS, financed by San Diego Unified School District "site modernization" funds.



Circadian Rhythm Study

Starting Fall 2019

  • Students will learn the basics of clinical research and ethics.
  • Study personal physical activity patterns.
  • Wear data-collecting watches measuring ambient light and physical activity.

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Salk Institute Seminar Series

Starting Spring 2018

Salk’s Education Outreach team is leading the revolution in the way science is taught. Partnering with local high school teachers, we are working to provide the latest strategies to help their students think like scientists, observe the natural world, ask questions, collect and analyze data and make discoveries.

Salk Seminars



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