The new bioscience center at La Jolla High School will be a state-of-the-art biological science building. It will be a crown jewel of the high school campus. Among other amenities, it will have:

  • Theater-style room area for lectures and demonstrations,
  • Expansive lab space for facilitating long-term experiments and small group collaboration,
  • Bioscience infrastructure including:  refrigeration, steam, DI-water, ventilation, chemical storage, DNA-sequencing and –microarray equipment, protein chemistry, wet lab facilities etc… required for doing common high-school level biology and biochemistry, as well as environmental and marine science experiments.
  • Conveniently accessible, adjacent outdoor instruction areas

The proposed two-story facility will house four laboratory and lecture classrooms focused on biological sciences, but flexible enough to accommodate related disciplines. Click here to download the concept study

The bioscience center will be a nexus between La Jolla High bioscience students, world-class researchers, the biotech industry, and other public high schools.